Evertz Microsystems

Your complete solution provider, Evertz is a leader in the design and manufacturing of audio and video infrastructure equipment for the television broadcast and film industry. In keeping with today's multi-channel, digital environment, Evertz has expanded the breadth of its high performance systems for the broadcast market and has increased its worldwide HDTV, DTV, 3Gb/s, and Ultra HD presence.

Evertz offers complete HD, 3G, and Ultra HD end to end solutions including: master control systems, large, medium and small routers, branding, RF, master sync generation, terminal gear, fiber optics, multi-display monitoring, production tools & interfaces, and closed captioning. Evertz also provides solutions for post-production, production, and mobile production, IPTV, OTT, transport and distribution equipment, and broadcast, satellite, and cable applications.

Through customer communication, technology research, active involvement in standards committees and in the standardization process, Evertz will continue to provide innovative, cost effective solutions that not only support and bridge both digital and analog worlds, but also advance our industry into new domains, to customers around the world.

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