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Share your expertise with others. Pass on what you’ve learned to the younger and less experienced employees. In addition to becoming a famous writer, you might just get paid for your effort!

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Useful Writing Guidelines

Article Guidelines

These core articles run about 1000 words in length, plus require at least two graphics or photos and address the use of technology, new developments or experienced opinion on key industry issues and topics. Don’t worry about creating finished-quality graphics or charts. We’ll do that for you.

Read our Article Guidelines

Applied Technology

These articles, often supplied by vendors, provide a non-promotional tutorial look at new technology, how it works and the benefits it may bring to your challenge. This is where the vendor gets to highlight their technology success.

Read our Applied Technology Guidelines

Field Report

These are reviews written by actual users. If you have just run a new piece of gear through its paces and would like to share your results, this is the place. Example equipment reviews could include; a new camera or lens, a wireless link, test equipment or studio gear.

Read our Field Report Guidelines

Case Study

Case Study articles should be 1500 to 2000 words long, covering the technical aspects of the following. Please keep in mind that your audience is interested in broadcast and production technology and that the piece’s main thrust should be in that direction. Showcases are tutorial in nature and should be instructive. Do not employ quotes, narrative or humor.

Read our Case Study Guidelines