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Active in the field of TV and sound broadcasting for almost 70 years, Rohde & Schwarz has significantly contributed to the development of broadcasting, spanning the entire range from the analog to digital standards to the current high-definition formats. Rohde & Schwarz now supplies solutions along the entire broadcasting value chain, starting with post production in the studio and ending with transmission of the broadcasting signal. From broadcasting to test and measurement to media technology, Rohde & Schwarz always provides the optimum solution for content providers, network operators and device manufacturers.

The group develops groundbreaking systems for professional TV and film post production. The major international players in the TV industry rely on future-ready workflows based on Rohde & Schwarz expertise. Broadcast studios and TV control rooms around the world use the company's products to produce and process news and entertainment programs and series.

Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete product line to support the broadcast industry in rolling out the high-definition 4K and HDR standards. Its encoding and multiplexing solutions are used in test operations and initial UHD TV services. The company is also involved in defining future standards, effectively supporting media development.

The majority of digital TV networks worldwide are equipped with Rohde & Schwarz transmitters. The company's transmitters are used in more than 80 countries around the world. Customers choose Rohde & Schwarz transmitters because they provide maximum efficiency and reliability.

The company also offers T&M equipment for installing, maintaining and monitoring broadcast networks. Consumer electronics manufacturers can use this T&M equipment to develop and manufacture both current and next generation devices. One out of every two set-top boxes around the world is tested using Rohde & Schwarz equipment.

In November 2018 the company acquired Pixel Power, a technology leader in television branding, graphics, automation, master control and playout. With this acquisition Rohde & Schwarz is executing its plan to expand further in broadcast playout while taking ownership of a company with significant technological leadership. The subsidiary will be renamed "Pixel Power Ltd. - A Rohde & Schwarz Company".

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