Rohde & Schwarz And Qualcomm To Demonstrate 5G Broadcast Ecosystem Readiness At IBC 2023

Rohde & Schwarz will present a comprehensive demonstration of 5G Broadcast at IBC 2023. Having collaborated extensively with various broadcasting and value chain partners in recent years including Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. based in the US (supported by their global teams), Media Broadcast in Germany as well as TDF and towerCast in France, Rohde & Schwarz can show authoritatively the readiness of the format for rollout. Moreover, it can also emphasize its strong commitment to extend and enhance customer experience while leveraging the existing broadcast network infrastructure.

5G Broadcast has been developed from 3GPP specifications to address the core needs and requirements of the broadcasting industry towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Together with Qualcomm TechnologiesRohde & Schwarz has taken a leading role in several standardization bodies including ETSI JTC Broadcast and 5G-MAG to ensure widespread acceptance of the technology. Thanks to this work, the ITU has endorsed 5G Broadcast as a next-generation DTT standard worldwide allowing more agile use in the full UHF band is being specified by 3GPP as band 108.

Multiple use cases have been validated, ranging from live television and radio and software distribution to public safety and positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), all without the need for a SIM card. After several successful proof of the concept demonstrating the value of this technology, it is evident that 5G Broadcast is getting strong traction worldwide from numerous network operators and content providers. It allows them a more efficient use of the spectrum resources while creating new business opportunities, by reaching larger audiences and new types of devices.

At IBC 2023 Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate the latest innovative features, including seamless service continuity between broadcast and broadband, and low latency content distribution. Thanks to the software architecture of the TH1 transmitter family, all these and future enhancements can be readily added in the field on-demand. 

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