TAG V.S., an international specialist in advanced IP monitoring and high-quality UHD Multiviewers, is changing the way media is viewed with its groundbreaking software only, all IP-based UHD Multiviewer and Monitoring solution. TAG’s flagship MCM-9000 combines sophisticated technology with simple operation to deliver the features and functionality crucial to broadcasters, satellite and cable operators, post houses, or any organization requiring viewing and monitoring of multiple compressed or uncompressed sources. The MCM-9000 is uniquely optimized to address the SMPTE ST-2110 standard in HD and 4K/UHD sources at the input; with HD & UHD outputs available as 2022-6/2110 uncompressed, and/or MPEG-TS, and simultaneously HLS at the output to allow mobility/viewing outside of the MCR/NOC. The support of multiple formats at the input and output: 2022-6/7 & 2110 SDI over IP Uncompressed; MPEG-TS compressed (including TR-01 JPEG2000); and OTT (HLS and MPEG-DASH) sources; all on the same platform enables the MCM-9000 to adapt and cater to the whole ecosystem of broadcasters without having to change equipment. And because the software and licenses remain the same as COTS Hardware is improving, costs are minimized over the life span of the product.

The MCM-9000 features extremely low latency, 2-frames for uncompressed in/out sources, making it ideal for any production or live events. It provides a complete monitoring solution for all the transmission layers of both uncompressed content and compressed MPEG-TS HLS/MPEG-DASH, starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the decoded Video/Audio content and its quality.

The entire scalable solution is supplied on a Dongle equipped with a reliable and stable Linux kernel. The system boots directly from the provided flash drive, which requires no installation, no hard drive, or any type of Operating System on the server. The system also functions fully in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment with a VM image provided instead of a dongle.

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