2022 NAB Show Review, Part 2

With fewer exhibits and smaller crowds, the 2022 NAB Show aisles were easier to navigate and exhibitors had more time to speak with visitors.

The 2022 NAB Show was about AI/ML, UHD, OTT, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR) and mixed reality (MR), block-chain powered Web3, NextGen TV, set-top converters, NextGen TV dongles and gateways. Continuing from NAB 2022 Review Part 1, the following list covers the 2nd alphabetical half of relevant 2022 NAB Show exhibitors.

Meinberg and Net Insight announced the integration of Meinberg's world-leading synchronization technology into Net Insight's unique Precision TimeNet platform. Net Insight will be licensing the syn1588 PTP software stack from Vienna-based Oregano Systems, part of the Meinberg family of companies, to provide full PTP IEEE 1588v2 interoperability for its technologies such as the synchronization software component Time Transfer. Meinberg in turn has developed a powerful bespoke module for Net Insight's Nimbra 300 series of media switch routers, integrating Meinberg's tried-and-true microSync technology to provide dependable synchronization performance.

Riedel Communications displayed its Mediornet distributed video infrastructures for routing, multiviewing and processing. Photo courtesy Riedel.

Riedel Communications displayed its Mediornet distributed video infrastructures for routing, multiviewing and processing. Photo courtesy Riedel.

Riedel Communications announced it is moving its North American headquarters from Burbank CA, to a 14,000-square-foot space in the Santa Clarita Valley; stepping up its R&D efforts with a new office in Montreal featuring 20,000 additional square feet and 120 additional workspaces; and making numerous personnel additions across its support, sales, and R&D teams. The company also announced a partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). After a two-decade relationship between the two organizations, Riedel will now supply the FIA with leading-edge hardware and software technologies to take safety, sustainability, and innovation across all global FIA championship series to the next level.

SDVI Corporation recently disclosed that its Rally media supply chain platform processed over 300 million jobs in 2021, representing a 102% increase in usage over 2020. Those jobs were performed on a total of 32.6 million hours of content as it passed through Rally-managed supply chains. Continuing the trajectory established in the first half of the year, the doubling in jobs processed by Rally illustrates the dramatic shift among media businesses toward cloud-based media supply chain infrastructure to drive efficiencies and increase business agility. The company also recently announced SDVI’s Rally access for Adobe Premiere Pro is available for direct download from Adobe Exchange.

Sennheiser displayed its wireless microphone solutions such as its Digital 6000 series. Courtesy Sennheiser.

Sennheiser displayed its wireless microphone solutions such as its Digital 6000 series. Courtesy Sennheiser.

Sennheiser showcased its popular RF wireless solutions for major broadcast events and shows, such as its Digital 6000 wireless microphone series and 2000 IEM series. The company also showed both its analog evolution wireless G4 camera system and the popular digital counterpart, the AVX. It also showed solutions for DSLR camera or mobile phones, the MKE 200, MKE 400, MKE 600, XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit and XS Lav Mobile Kit. Sennheiser also presented the full MKH studio microphone line, monitoring headphones and broadcast headsets as well as Evolution Wireless Digital, a wireless microphone system that is as easy to use as an app.

Signiant announced Media Engine, a modern media management service built into The Signiant Platform. Media Engine allows Signiant’s SaaS customers to easily search, preview and take action on media assets across all their Signiant-connected storage, from anywhere in the world. Customers can perform federated searches across multiple content repositories, both on-premises and in the cloud. Results are immediately actionable via the powerful services available on the platform anchored by Signiant’s best-in-class fast file transfer. In February, the company announced that its cloud-native software as a solution (SaaS) products, Media Shuttle and Signiant Jet, are now integrated with Media2Cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Sony Corporation introduced multiple products at the 2022 NAB Show. The new products list includes the HDC-3200 2/3” 4K CMOS system camera, the HDC-F5500 Super 35-mm 4K CMOS camera system, and the introduction of the flagship VENICE 2 camera. The VENICE 2 features a new 8.6K full-frame CMOS image sensor, internal X-OCN and 4K Apple ProRes 4444 and 422 HQ recording with a smaller body. It has an impressive 16 stops of dynamic range, extreme low light capability, highlights that roll-off, and natural skin tones. Sony also showed the PXW-Z750 which will play a pivotal role in HDR-ready production. Venice 2 earned a NAB 2022 Product of the Year Award.

Sony also showed its Ci Media Cloud Services, an ecosystem of cloud-based applications built for organizations to collect, organize, collaborate, deliver, and archive media assets, with new offerings to create a more valuable solution for several applications. For post-production, Ci’s Workflow app provides functionality for a secure, automated VFX pull workflow by simply submitting an edit decision list (EDL) to Ci. Sony’s next-generation camera-to-cloud solution, C3 Portal (C3P), offers cost-effective file operations by tightly integrating Sony acquisition devices and remote operations. Sony also showed its Crystal LED B-series displays designed for virtual production. The company also announced Version 4.0 firmware enhancements for its PVM-X series 4K, HDR monitors, scheduled for August 2022.

TAG Video Systems debuted its Media Control System (MCS). It enables users to capture the data provided by over 400 distinct error detectors to be aggregated and correlated across the entire media supply chain (from live Production – Playout – OTT & Delivery). Using an open-source paradigm, the MCS serves as an aggregation engine capable of exposing the data collected by the MCM to standard third party analytic and visualization applications such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana and Prometheus.

TAG introduced a newly designed Application Programming Interface (API) built to ease the complexity of controlling diverse workflows that reside within the Company’s Multi-Channel Monitoring (MCM) system. The new API allows users to control every functionality for all workflows under one umbrella, eliminating the need for application-specific APIs. The API also serves as a single point-of-contact and the gateway to TAG’s vast number of capabilities, for applications including automation, orchestration, and deep integration.

TAG also announced that its multi-level Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform now integrates with Redis, the world’s most popular real-time database. The company recently announced support of PCIe Gen 4 servers. The Company’s Realtime Media Performance Platform operates in the cloud, on COTS servers or hybrid configurations and supports thousands of sources including all the latest formats and transports.

If you have to ask what it costs, you’re probably looking at the wrong camera. Courtesy NAB.

If you have to ask what it costs, you’re probably looking at the wrong camera. Courtesy NAB.

Tedial introduced smartWork, a unique Media Integration Platform, at NAB 2022. Tedial designed smartWork with an easy-to-use toolset that distills complex workflows into simplified processes. It democratizes business processes, empowering users to define integrations autonomously – without vendor participation – and create workflows in a flexible and agile manner. smartWork’s unique approach is built upon a common interface and a common data model so applications and systems are integrated within the platform. The company also announced Tedial Plugin for MediaCentral | Cloud UX, for seamless content exchange between Avid MediaCentral and Tedial’s Platforms. The Tedial Plugin for MediaCentral | Cloud UX is fully integrated with the latest version of Tedial Evolution. Using simple drag and drop functionality users can easily archive content from the Avid production environment or retrieve content from Tedial’s Platform using MediaCentral, a single application that views Tedial as an additional content source or destination.

Telestream announced an enterprise-wide agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group to provide multiple products and unlimited cloud services. The company also debuted Wirecast 15, with improved 4K support, Rendezvous conferencing enhancements, interactive web page overlays, social comment moderation, and new subscription options. A newly rearchitected, high efficiency software engine enables users to create even more compelling productions while consuming less system resources.

The latest software feature set of the PRISM waveform monitor was also on display as was a new, high-performance platform for the Inspect 2110 probe. Lightspeed Live Capture with new 12G SDI and ST 2110 interfaces was also on display. Also in the Telestream exhibit spotlights were a new ContentAgent server, the Telestream Cloud suite of services and tools, and Qualify, Telestream’s new cloud-native QC service. The company also showed the latest version of GLIM media player, and its Stanza subscription-based captioning and subtitling solution.

Telstra provides adaptive and software-defined networks, data security, mobility solutions, unified communications and adaptive cloud solutions. The growing mix of workspaces is complicating ICT strategies, creating new security vulnerabilities, risks to culture and long-term collaboration challenges. Alongside a suite of integrated solutions, Telstra is helping many organizations collaborate securely and seamlessly.

TSL Products cast a spotlight on the company’s latest releases of its audio, control and power solutions at the 2022 NAB Show. Their new offerings are designed to seamlessly interlink to facilitate intelligent, controllable, adaptable and efficient workflows, and maintain and assure quality of service throughout the media delivery chain. TSL’s new SAM-Q-NET audio monitor introduces TSL’s SAM-Q advanced audio monitoring capabilities to an IP networked world, with native support for ST 2110-30, ST 2022-7 and multiple control options including NMOS. TSL also recently updated TallyMan Advanced Broadcast Control System that features the new Redundancy Package. TSL also showed its new PMiD and PMiD-CO intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with enhanced functionality compared to the previous generation.

Vidispine provides content owners with a fully managed media supply chain backbone, enabling you to adapt to changing media industry needs and business requirements quickly. At the NAB Show, the company showed its VidiNet cloud-based platform, MediaPortal to search, browse, collect and distribute content and clips also available as SaaS and Collaborative Editing which works within Adobe Premier.

The Vizrt exhibit was filled with graphics, virtual studio, cloud, remote, sports, virtual sets, AR, and infrastructure solutions. Courtesy NAB.

The Vizrt exhibit was filled with graphics, virtual studio, cloud, remote, sports, virtual sets, AR, and infrastructure solutions. Courtesy NAB.

Vizrt announced that Viz Trio, powered by Viz Engine, can be added as a module in the GV AMPP system for cloud-based live production and playout. Vizrt also announced the release of Viz Vectar Plus 1.2, the latest update to the principal 4K software-based NDI-native switching solution, and the release of Viz Libero 8.0, the latest update of its market-leading editorial analysis and replay tool for sports.

Vizrt Group member NewTek was integrated in the Vizrt exhibit and NewTek announced growth with a 39% increase in 2021. NewTek expects to improve on that figure in 2022. NewTek’s NDI 5 received a 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Award.

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