Now part of the Vizrt Group - we have been a driving force behind the current global broadcast transformation, enabling people everywhere to create network-style television content and share it with the world. The company’s original premise—“the television shows you watch and love will eventually be created by you or someone you know”—has never been more relevant than it is today in our digitally connected broadcast world. 

NewTek’s revolutionary products include the TriCaster and 3Play. Those using NewTek products include traditional broadcasters, professional and non-professional sports teams, houses of worship, educational institutions and corporate businesses.

Unlike other manufacturers that build and sell component parts and accessories, NewTek is a manufacturer of complete, integrated video production solutions. Our aggressive pricing approach allows a single NewTek system to displace a broad range of traditional production components that can each cost up to 10x as much. The entire professional TriCaster product line incorporates across-the-board breakthroughs in integrated multi-camera live production. All systems offer 4 or 8 full camera inputs, greatly expanding the system’s switching performance. Producers can use these inputs to generate layered and composited real-time video, produce sub-mixes in the main video program, and output content as a secondary program—all with complete switcher behaviors, transitions, overlays, multi-source layering and virtual sets.

While common replay servers focus on the singular aspect of replays, our 3Play integrated sports production systems deliver a multi-purpose approach that dramatically reduces the need for specialized products and individual operators. While traditional vendors continue to build expensive replay systems that mimic what is essentially the way people used with tape, our approach is to architect single, integrated systems capable of handling many of the tasks that would normally require dozens of expensive component products and a sizable production crew.

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