TSL Products

TSL Products

Specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, TSL Products’ solutions satisfy and exceed the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows, helping its customers to lower costs, generate revenue and streamline operations.

TSL Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of broadcast workflow solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries.

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Making The Transition To IP In Live Production

Video and audio production using IP networking is on the threshold of widespread adoption and may soon become the default way of working for live production. But nobody expects a total switchover to IP production anytime soon, even though, on the face of it, that would seem to be the

Remote Management And Listening

So far in this series of articles the focus has been on the underlying requirements for successful audio over IP connectivity within a broadcast facility. The connectivity can be considered to be local; it is over a short distance, so the latency is low and it’s not a problem f

Routing Control In Audio Over IP Networks - Sending The Right Signals

An IP-based broadcast media network not only comprises a number of devices in different locations but relies on several technical components to ensure everything being networked connects and interacts correctly.

Conformance Levels In Audio Over IP Networking

Why Should You Conform? There has always been a necessity for different pieces of technical equipment to work together. As time moved on and technologies evolved, that requirement has called for both more complexity and greater harmonisation. In audio this was relatively straightforward when everything was analogue. The major challenge

PTP - Keeping Time In The IP World

The Need For Sync - In any audio environment where multiple pieces of equipment are being used together, it is imperative that they are synchronized. If they do not run in time with each other it will be difficult - if not impossible - to produce a coherent end result

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