Our intelligent file movement software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks. Built on Signiant’s patented technology, the company’s on-premises software and SaaS solutions move petabytes of high-value data every day between users, applications and systems with proven ease. Signiant has a unified enterprise software suite for automating, managing, accelerating and securing the movement of high-value digital content across the media enterprise. Its file movement platform technologies are scalable to thousands of users, millions of files and terabytes of data on private and public networks. It offers powerfully simple user experiences for Web, desktop and mobile devices; patent-pending cloud technology that ensures content protection and visibility; increased bandwidth efficiency for moving very large files over existing networks (predictability, control); and expertise in building efficient, scalable file-based workflow automation for some of the world’s largest broadcasters, studios and media companies.

The company moves files for customers of all sizes across a wide array of industries. Customers include NBC, Fox, BBC, Discovery, A&E, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, PBS, Ubisoft, EA, ESPN, the National Football League and the National Hockey League.