Riedel Communications

A designer, manufacturer, and distributor of pioneering real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks for broadcast, pro audio, event, sports, theater, and security applications. It is the philosophy behind the products that sets Riedel apart in the marketplace.

We focus on a holistic approach to our products. This assures seamless interoperation of key elements in a way that meets the user’s needs, now and in the future. MediorNet, RockNet, and Artist are easily integrated to create a complete A/V and communications solution that can be managed easily from a single software interface.

For signal transport, MediorNet’s network-based approach affords greater flexibility in system design. It supports virtually all broadcast signals and can be configured in a ring, star, daisy-chain, or hybrid topology to accommodate the specific requirements of any project. Every signal thus becomes available at every node on the system. The system also features in-board signal processing and routing functions, and configuration and adaptation is fast and hassle-free.

For intercom, our Artist, Performer, and Acrobat systems are in use by hundreds of leading broadcasters from OB to major studios. Its flexibility and scalability, not to mention overall sound quality, have made it a market leader for nearly 20 years.

We were one of the first broadcast manufacturers to embrace AVB and recognize that AES67 and AVB compatibility will be critical in media-intensive production and delivery environments. The AVB standard allows for the simultaneous transport of different signals and the execution of parallel applications within a network in real time, which effectively means that a single infrastructure can support data, intercom, audio, and even video.

Our products are designed to be compatible with a variety of third-party control systems that give users the option of establishing remote control of all of their equipment within a single interface. At the same time, integrations between manufacturers result in unique solutions that yield immediate benefits to customers.

We are also the largest Motorola dealer in Europe and have a large rental division that can handle events of any size. 

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