Since 2001, this award winning company has brought greater business efficiency and value to global media companies with innovative, scalable, and productive media solutions that optimize media supply chain and content management operations. 

Tedial clearly identifies the requirements of media companies and content owners as the media industry rapidly evolves, and provides next generation powerful toolsets and services that capably and cost-effectively allow companies to meet their operational requirements and business objectives, improve their customer experience, and remain ahead of their competition. 

The company’s Media Integration Platform, smartWork, is transforming and redefining media business efficiency and technology approaches by democratizing business processes, empowering users to define integrations autonomously – without vendor participation - and create workflows in a creative and flexible manner for greater business agility. Tedial’s no-code architecture, which can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid architecture unleashes creativity and revolutionizes productivity for non-technical users.

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