Interra Systems

Interra Systems

OTT service providers, broadcasters, telcos, and other media companies all use Interra Systems offerings, to deliver high-quality video, whilst streamlining quality control (QC), video analysis, and monitoring processes across the entire media supply chain. 

Our industry-leading solutions are built on software-defined architecture, and support numerous deployment scenarios to meet the needs of modern media workflows today - and future-proof them for tomorrow.

The company's award-winning product portfolio has driven mission critical deployments of QC and monitoring across the globe. This includes BATON, an enterprise-class, automated file-based QC system; BATON Captions for the efficient creation and distribution of video captions; the ORION family of content monitors for 24/7 quality assurance of linear and OTT streams, and VEGA media analyzers for in-depth video inspection, debugging, and standards compliance.

Interra Systems continues to thrive as it pursues media quality assurance using cutting-edge technologies for optimum quality of service and quality of experience.

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