Appear TV

Appear TV’s XC5000 Series Signal and Video Processing platform challenges the typical multiple unit video processing setup by offering a complete, in-the-box integrated signal and video processing platform with a unified open standard user interface that can support all broadcast processes for delivery across multiple carriers to any device from a single compact frame.

The unique modular nature of Appear TV’s XC series video processing platform allows broadcast, cable, satellite and telecom providers to select from the different Appear TV modules to create a solution custom-tailored to their needs. It offers modules designed to support video and signal processing all through the broadcast chain including decoding, decryption, descrambling, transcoding and encoding to all screens simultaneously with the capability to adapt, edit and process the PSI/SI data and provide modulation and high-end IP functionality for a wide range of network types. This essentially allows converged operators to truly multicast multiple multiplexes over any carrier network to any device simultaneously anywhere in the carrier network. With the Appear TV hardware platform, a user has the capacity to support the processing of 2,000-3,000 channel profiles in a 42RU rack. To meet the same quality and service as one Appear TV chassis with multiple modules, other comparable solutions would be using ten times that footprint and power consumption.

In a traditional setup, each processing device is operating as its own independent element in the system, making it susceptible to wiring failure and making it hard to detect failure when issues do arise. Adding new processes can also be difficult as many hardware devices are proprietary and only work with equipment from the same manufacturer. Appear TV’s modular approach enables the operator to control all broadcast services using a common platform and through a single management interface, reducing integration issues, providing user-friendly control and management. As new formats emerge, updating the headend system is as simple as adding a new module. In addition, all Appear TV modules can work with other third-party devices, making integration with existing transmission equipment seamless.