Appear To Demonstrate The Efficiency Of ‘Elegant Engineering’ At IBC 2023

Appear will demonstrate how the efficiency of its elegant engineering has enabled it to become an acknowledged leader in premium global live event contribution.

Appear supports many of the world’s leading broadcasters, operators and content providers with high quality, low latency media transport, including NBCUniversal, Sky, Megacable, NEP, MLB and NHL. It delivers live contribution services for many of the world’s premier media assets, recently including Eurovision Services for a major tennis tournament in Paris, and PSSI Global for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The Appear IBC 2023 booth will have a unique sports-bar style experience with three main demonstration pods, showcasing:

  • Live contribution with the X Platform, an all-in-one integrated solution, making it possible to create operational efficiencies while saving energy and rack-space.
  • A Network Operation Centre (NOC), demonstrating how Appear’s solutions provide operational confidence through workflow security, management and monitoring.
  • Linear and OTT distribution with the multiple functionalities and density of the X Platform and XC Platform as well as the high-capacity server-based compression solution, the NEO Series, which has recently been deployed by media companies that are taking back some functionality from the cloud to on-premise, to deliver better cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Solutions on show at IBC 2023, include:

X Platform: a high-capacity, versatile, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression for the remote production, contribution and distribution markets.

XC Platform: a modular IPTV and broadcast solution supporting content acquisition, compression, stream processing including scrambling and multiplexing, with distribution options for cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.

NEO series: provides all of the benefits of software compression, while removing the complexity found in traditional server-based solutions. To provide the best possible performance, the compression software is pre-installed on Appear hardware, along with fully integrated management, transcoding and streaming.

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