Grass Valley

Headquartered in Montreal, Grass Valley leverages the collective expertise and depth of the Grass Valley Group, Miranda Technologies, and Snell Advanced Media, each having been acquired by St. Louis-based Belden Inc. Belden delivers a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial, enterprise and broadcast markets. The most recent purchase was that of Snell Advanced Media (SAM), acquired February 2018.

The new Grass Valley (GV) keeps broadcasters, content owners and service providers future-ready as they navigate the changing landscape of television. With the most comprehensive collection of workflow solutions in the industry, GV delivers end-to-end television production and content distribution workflows that enable the efficiency and flexibility broadcasters need to stay competitive today — while offering technological foresight they need to keep pace with consumers' desires for more content on more devices, with innovative solutions targeted at reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing amounts of data, audio and video needed for today's applications.

The company offers broadcast products for live, news and playout.

Products include the LDX series of broadcast cameras, including compact, high frame rate and robotic. GV makes the Kayenna, Kerrera and GV Director switchers, GV Edge integrated playout, GV Director integrated production system and Ignite Automated production. The company makes Edius and Storm NLE systems and the K2 line of media servers, SAN storage, K2 Edge, K2 Dyno Replay System and the T2iDDr.

GV also makes a variety of stand-alone converters including the ADVC Professional Family which are primarily DV-based. The ADVC G-Series are multi-purpose converters. The ADVC-HD family converts HDMI to HDV for editing.

GV is also strong in broadcast infrastructure and media workflow. The company makes infrastructure products such as routers, Maestro Master Control, control solutions and GeckoFlex signal management. GV also provides media workflow products such as GV Stratus, Edge, and Ignite.

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