Grass Valley Premieres EDIUS 11 At IBC 2023

EDIUS 11 includes new features to make video editing more efficient and expressive. Additionally, it also bundles the Mync 11 media player, organizer and uploader with EDIUS project, sequence and clip management. To provide for group collaboration of EDIUS projects and source clips between multiple EDIUS clients, Grass Valley is introducing the Chorus Hub 11 Server system, with an upgrade path available for current non-educational users.

EDIUS 11 is the latest update for the ideal editing system being used across the industry from broadcast facilities and news organizations up to government institutions, corporate productions, independent film makers, video creators and video enthusiasts. Improvements to functionality include the update of adjustment clip function for efficient editing and native OFX plug-in bridge, support for the latest video formats, an updated plugin pack for graphics, new video/audio effects and audio editing tools. A special EDIUS 11 Broadcast version has been created specifically addressing the needs of broadcast stations.

Mync 11 provides users with advanced content management features and a new user experience for video production. Mync is designed for digital photographers, web content creators and people new to video editing, with a simpler user interface (compared with Grass Valley EDIUS or similar NLEs). Mync 11 is included free with EDIUS 11.

Chorus Hub 11 Server technology was developed to make film production more efficient. With the theme of "It's time to create," it serves as a bridge to future innovative services. The Chorus Hub 11 Server sits at the center point for group editing, connecting multiple EDIUS 11 clients, Mync 11 and the Render Engine terminal. As information and assets are added to a project, all EDIUS clients are updated with the latest information regarding the project being worked on. In this way, one project can be worked on by multiple editors and can work on separate sequences within that project. Both the Chorus Hub 11 Server and EDIUS 11 clients can be placed on-premises or in the cloud. By integrating the Chorus Hub’s software development kit (SDK) cloud analysis services such as automatic video and photo tagging as well as speech-to-text conversion can be enabled.

EDIUS 11 is available in a variety of configurations. EDIUS 11 Pro – the standard configuration, EDIUS 11 Pro Education, EDIUS 11 Workgroup that provides enhanced connectivity options, and EDIUS 11 Broadcast that is specifically designed for broadcast stations. Upgrades to all professional EDIUS 11 configurations are available for all non-educational configurations from EDIUS 2 through EDIUS X and EDIUS Neo. 

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