Grass Valley Unveils New LDX C150 Compact Version Of The Next-Gen LDX 150 Studio Camera Platform

Grass Valley brings to the IBC2023 Show its latest next-generation LDX broadcast camera systems designed to produce exceptional picture quality in today’s leading formats, including UHD/4K, and 1080p high dynamic range (HDR) plus wide color gamut (WCG) modes with SDI, NativeIP SMPTE ST 2110 or JPEG-XS native compression. Making headlines is the expanded LDX 100 Series, including the new LDX C150 compact form factor of its LDX 150 studio camera platform, easing the transition from HD/UHD-SDI to NativeIP/SMPTE ST 2110 acquisition.

IBC showgoers will see demos of Grass Valley’s latest camera innovations, including: the new LDX C150 compact, new 6X speed 1080p HDR/WCG mode within both the LDX C150 and LDX 150, and the entry level LDX 92, ideal for low cost live sports and events.

The exhibit also highlights the LDX C135 – the compact version of the full-size LDX 135 studio camera – which has proven very popular since its 2023 NAB Show debut, and a not-to-be-missed demo of the latest Camera Shading Control Panel and Tablet Application. Color grading can be carried out locally, as well as remotely using a tablet powered by Grass Valley’s innovative, cloud native AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform), opening the door to exciting new approaches to production workflows.

Grass Valley also announces a new camera viewfinder that will be shipping at the end of the year, designed to make camera operators’ jobs easier. The new viewfinder provides additional capabilities, including HDMI and SDI video input in addition to standard viewfinder/camera cables, plus a direct DC power input via a 4-pin XLR input.

Grass Valley also continues in engineering enhancements to its current product lines, such as the LDX 92, especially suited for live broadcast applications including sports, news and special event coverage. As the entry-level model of the LDX 90 Series, the LDX 92 offers up to single speed 1080p HDR/WCG mode via software options. Meanwhile the LDX 150, previously available up to 3X UHD is newly announced as additionally supporting 6X 1080p HDR/WCG resolution.

With expanding feature sets, Grass Valley innovations continue to enable new applications and functionality. Creative Grading, allowing shading from both a panel and a Tablet Application enables shaders to perfect picture attributes from the control room, truck, or on-the-fly from anywhere at the location – or anywhere in the world via GV AMPP. New at IBC 2023, Creative Grading is now even easier with a new standalone option for the CGP500 panel, offering the ability to connect directly with a camera head without the need for server infrastructure. 

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