For over 40 years, Genelec active studio monitors and subwoofers have delivered truthful, neutral sound reproduction – enabling audio professionals to make fast, accurate and reliable mix decisions, even in challenging rooms. 

Trusted by broadcasters for their uncoloured performance and bulletproof reliability, every Genelec monitor is designed to adapt to the room’s acoustic environment – allowing the user to deliver mixes that translate consistently, however the content is being distributed and consumed. 

From the tiny 8010 nearfield model to the mammoth 1236 main monitor, Genelec offers a scalable solution for any broadcast application – from mono to the latest immersive formats. 

All Genelec monitoring solutions are designed and manufactured to the highest environmental standards at the company’s headquarters in Iisalmi, Finland.

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Achieving Accurate Accelerated Audio Mixing With Genelec UNIO - Part 2

The origins of Genelec’s UNIO platform date back to the launch of our Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) family in 2006.

Achieving Accurate Accelerated Audio Mixing With Genelec UNIO - Part 1

Genelec discuss the challenges of immersive mixing across a wide range of environments and how their technology ecosystem helps users achieve an accurate reliable mix environment across different monitoring systems and headphones.

Producing More Consistent Audio Mixes

It’s been over 40 years since Genelec started life as a manufacturer of professional monitor loudspeakers, and I felt the urge to reflect on how much has changed in the broadcast world in that time, and yet how much the role of a good studio monitor has remained largely unchanged. A

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