Standards: Appendix G - Media Container File Formats & Their Owners

This is a list of the commonly used media container file formats, their owners and the dates when they were created.

This is an Appendix to our series of articles on Standards.

Vintage Owned by Format
1991 Apple QuickTime File Format (QTFF)
1992 Microsoft Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
1993 MPEG MPEG program stream (PS)
1995 MPEG MPEG transport stream (TS)
1996 Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF)
1996 DVD Forum Video Object (VOB)
2001 MPEG MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4)
2002 Matroška Matroška (MKV)
2003 3GPP 3GPP (3GP)
2003 Adobe Flash Video (FLV)
2003 Xiph Ogg
2003 RealNetworks Real Media Variable Bitrate (RMVB)
2004 3GPP2 3GPP2 (3G2)
2004 Blu-ray Disk Association BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream (M2TS)
2004 SMPTE Material Exchange Format (MXF)
2005 DivX DivX Media Format (DMF)
2006 DVD Forum Enhanced VOB (EVO)
2007 Adobe Flash Video (F4V)
2010 Google Web Media (WebM)


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