Founded in 1978 by Mr Ilpo Martikainen and Mr Topi Partane, with professional audio monitoring being their original interest and the core of their business. The first active speakers were developed at the request of the Finnish broadcaster, YLE. By 1985 Genelec was producing 12 monitor models. During the 1990 smaller two-way active speakers were developed icluding the 1031A. Many people think a good loudspeaker enclosure must be made from a wood-based material. That is not the case. The first Genelec die-cast aluminium model was the 1029A, introduced in 1996 to meet the need of Italian and French distributors who saw the need for a smaller product. Die-cast aluminium offered, among stiffness and other benefits, large internal volume in relation to the external enclosure size.

The Genelec Laminar Spiral Enclosure LSE subwoofer was Introduced in 2002. The spiral-shaped design yields an extremely rigid enclosure exterior while also forming the subwoofer's integral port. Air flow in and out of the enclosure's interior through the spiral-shaped port is totally unrestricted, which results in an extraordinarily accurate and responsive low-frequency system with very low distortion, matching the quality of the main monitors.

Genelec active monitors are found in broadcast, post production and music recording. The wide range of active analog and digital studio monitors cover all professional applications from traditional stereo to modern digital surround sound reproduction with latest digital audio formats. All Genelec monitors, regardless of size, share the same neutral sound characteristics.

Their Smart Active Monitor (SAM) allows their monitors to automatically adapt to acoustical environments and correcting for levels, delays and room calibration, being an indispensable tool for the sound professional. A SAM system can be controlled with digital networking, to build highly flexible computer controlled systems of monitors. The acoustical features of SAMs can be optimized with software calibration features for different working styles or client demands.

During the past decade Genelec’s business has expanded beyond the professional studio monitor speaker segment to selected consumer markets. The speakers are found in an increasing number of home theaters and residential systems.