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HDR: Part 7 - LEDs - For Better For Worse November 15th 2022 - 09:30 AM

If we could get lights capable of full color mixing at the same price as conventional white-only ones, would we?

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Waves: Part 2 - Distribution November 10th 2022 - 09:00 AM

John Watkinson moves on to discussion of the effects of the medium waves are travelling in and explains why loudspeaker enclosures contain foam.

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Creating The Look & Feel For Netflix Film ‘Purple Hearts’ With Cinematographer Matt Sakatani Roe November 9th 2022 - 09:00 AM

Matt Sakatani Roe shares his experiences shooting the Netflix film ‘Purple Hearts’, staying hands on with the camera, staying close to the characters and leveraging natural light.

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A careful attention to acoustic and operational details is the key to designing a successful podcast studio.

Podcast Studio Design: Getting The Room Right November 8th 2022 - 09:30 AM

Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S., with an estimated 120 million podcast listeners in 2021. Back in 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population was aware of podcasting. By 2021, this figure had risen to 78 percent. Podcasting is becoming an important part of the multi-format mix for many broadcasters.

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Broadcast Audio Workflow: Part 2 - Entertainment With An Audience November 3rd 2022 - 09:30 AM

We continue our discussion of broadcast audio workflow with multi-award winner Robert Edwards. We look at the many challenges that come when a live audience is added to the broadcast mix.

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The LiveU Solo PRO brings a robust 4K streaming solution to the market in a small form-factor.

LiveU Unveils Its Next-Gen Solo PRO Portable Encoder November 1st 2022 - 10:30 AM

LiveU has unveiled its next-generation Solo PRO portable bonding encoder for engaging live coverage, combining professional-grade 4K and HEVC video quality with rock-solid reliability.

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Electricity: Part 7 - Lithium Batteries October 27th 2022 - 09:00 AM

Lithium batteries are all the rage on account of their low weight and high capacity. But how good are they really?

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Introducing the next generation Panasonic PTZ camera AW-UE160W/K designed to make shoots easier.

Panasonic Launches SMPTE 2110 Capable PTZ Camera October 21st 2022 - 10:30 AM

​​Panasonic Connect Europe has announced the AW-UE160W/K, a next-generation 4K integrated PTZ camera that achieves both high-quality shooting and video production efficiency for customers involved in the entertainment industry, including broadcasting, live events, and video production.

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