Well known for its broadcast TV and radio mixing consoles, Lawo has in recent years expanded into audio routing and video networking, primarily through the application of IP-based technologies.

Philipp Lawo has moved the company in new directions, with the development of the RAVENNA open technology standard for real-time distribution of audio and other media over standard networks. This in turn has moved Lawo into the field of commentary, with a system that uses IP to allow the control unit to be located some distance from the commentator units.

Lawo's additional R&D resources and the extensive expertise in user interface design complement the existing capacity of the VSM R&D team. The common goal is to advance VSM as the leading manufacturer-independent control system which is open for all remote protocols even further, and to establish the new multiviewer control software for monitor walls to the worldwide market.

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All Routes Lead To HOME

Talk to any audio engineer in the broadcast or live segment and they will tell you that separating the control surface (some call it the front end) from the I/O stageboxes and routing/patching section (the back end) as well as the DSP processor makes their lives so much

Give & Take For IP’s Sake

Why real world user experiences and the sharing of knowledge are what really drives forward the widespread adoption of new technologies and the innovative workflows they empower.

When Is A Sound Good?

When asked what “good sound” means to them, each audio engineer will give you their take on what really counts.

Italy’s RAI Updates With Lawo

Italy’s large public broadcaster, RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana, recently upgraded its Broadcast Production Center in Rome with a new control and signal distribution network based on Lawo IP infrastructure solutions.

IP’s Light-Bulb Moment

Simplifying the challenges of day-to-day operation with IP production systems using Lawo’s HOME software environment.

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