Vislink, an xG Technology, Inc. company (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), specializes in the wireless capture, delivery and management of secure, high-quality, live video from the field to the point of usage.

In early 2017, Vislink was acquired by xG. Together with xG’s Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a leader in the design, development and distribution of advanced digital microwave systems, both brands offer best-in-class video capture and distribution solutions across the entire spectrum of technological requirements and price points. Vislink customers now have access to all of IMT’s well-established legacy brands.

Vislink designs and manufactures products encompassing microwave radio components, satellite communication, cellular and wireless camera systems and associated amplifier items. Vislink solutions include the following product categories:airborne, amplifiers, antennas, cellular & IP, encoder/decoder, on-boards, receivers, SATCOM, transmitters, wireless camera systems and microwave point-to-point.

Vislink delivers global solutions, comprising hardware and related services, to two core markets: broadcast & media and law enforcement, public safety & defense.

In the broadcast & media market, Vislink provides broadcast communication links for live news, sports and entertainment events. Vislink is the largest worldwide supplier of low-latency wireless broadcast video systems, with more than 200,000 systems in use worldwide. Vislink broadcast & media customers include national broadcasters, multi-channel broadcasters, network owners and station groups, sports and live broadcasters and hosted service providers.

In the law enforcement, public safety & defense markets, Vislink provides secure video communications and mission-critical solutions for law enforcement, defense and homeland security applications. Its law enforcement, public safety & defense customers include metropolitan, regional and national law enforcement agencies as well as domestic and international defense agencies and organizations.