NEP To Cover German Ice Hockey League With New Compact OB Vans Built By Broadcast Solutions

Germany-based System integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH has delivered four new 26-foot long Streamline S8 OB vehicles to NEP Germany for its production of German ice hockey league games.

The new NEP OBV series consists of three identical HD-compatible OB Vans and one 4K (UHD) OB Van, all based on the Streamline S8 model. All production vehicles are suitable for up to 8 camera productions.

The Broadcast Solutions project included the planning and production of a storage compartment in the rear of the cab, which can accommodate the complete camera equipment as well as tripods and cables, thus eliminating the need for an additional support van.

The technology in all four vehicles is similar, with simplified workflows and production setups that can be stored and loaded across the vehicles for networked reliability. As a result NEP can minimize setup times and save on training costs. Important products found on the 4K-compatible van include: Grass Valley LDX86 Universe UHD cameras, Canon lenses, a Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame (with 2 UHD M/E channels), an Imagine Communications Platinum (128x128) router, Sony and NEC flat screen monitors, an Imagine Communications Platinum SX Pro multiviewer, EVS XT3 servers, VSM control systems, Phabrix and Tektronix test equipment, Lawo mc236 audio mixing console, Genelec 5.1 speakers and a Riedel Artist Intercom and Mediornet network, and on-board Guntermann & Drunck KVM system.

The three HD versions of the OB vans feature: Grass Valley LDX86 Universe cameras, Canon lenses, a Sony MVS 3000 (2 M/E channels) production switcher, Imagine Communications Platinum 72x64 router, EVS servers, VSM control system, a 26-fader Soundcraft V11 audio mixing console, Genelec 5.1 speakers and a Riedel Artist Intercom and Mediornet network, and on-board Guntermann & Drunck KVM system.

Christer Pålsson, CEO at NEP Germany, said it was important that all of the trucks were identical in nature, so that different crews could use any of the new OB Vans and still feel at home.

The Streamline OB Van family consists of modular, pre-configured OB Vans, which can be delivered quickly and with significant cost advantages. By implementing the Streamline vehicles, Broadcast Solutions has changed the construction of OB Vans from intricate custom-made items to an "off-the-shelf" product, saving clients time and money. It can also be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements.

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