Broadcast Solutions GmbH

Outside broadcast. On air in a few seconds’ time. Everything needs to be just right: content, production, performance, timing – and above all the equipment. Equipment designed to cope with every environment and climate. Equipment you can rely on 100 per cent.

Broadcast Solutions is your partner for all matters relating to broadcasting infrastructure – video, audio and control systems, and satellite communications. German engineering to international standards: above all in the high end field of mobile production equipment, from the small radio car to the 24-camera outside broadcasting van. In the last three years alone we have produced over 40 outside broadcasting vans in every conceivable variant, as well as diverse studio installations, SNG’s and fixed up- and downlink stations.

Broadcast Solutions offers you the major advantage of recourse to a singlesource supplier without being tied to a specific manufacturer. From the fixed infrastructure or external coach building to the core production tools and satcom systems, we develop individual solutions with you, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. From the first spark of an idea and for as long as you need service and support our input of experience, creativity and dedication will ensure that every project is a success.

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