Appear & Skyline Strengthen Partnership With Enhanced Live Event Contribution Technology

Appear showcased advancements in its integrated technology partnership with Skyline Communications and its DataMiner platform at the recent NAB Show 2024. The latest integration developments enable enhanced visibility and automation for premium live event contribution workflows, equipping operational teams, whether on-site or remote, with the tools needed to adapt quickly to live event scenarios.

Building on their continued successful collaboration, announced at IBC2023, Appear and Skyline Communications are introducing newly developed and integrated features designed to streamline live event production workflows. Key highlights of the expanded partnership and joint development work include:

  • Developing a new off-the-shelf HTML application, based on Skyline’s new dataminer.mediaOps solution, and integrating with Appear’s X Platform, providing a central view of all connections including a geographic overview depicting connections and key metrics such as bandwidth between locations.
  • Software router panels, offering an intuitive interface for ad-hoc event connections. Similar to using an SDI router, users can easily connect Appear sources with destinations using protocols such as SRT and JPEG-XS.
  • Featured scheduling functionality allowing operators to plan connections and reserve required bandwidth ahead of time. DataMiner acts as an orchestrator, keeping track of resource utilisation and preventing overbooking. 

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