Our products equip television and radio broadcasters with antenna and signal-transmission solutions that meet the needs of low- and high-power users serving rural audiences as well as major metropolitan markets. Dielectric offers the only broadcast systems designed and manufactured under one roof that include all components from transmitter output to tower top.

When people in the industry think about Dielectric products, the first thing that comes to mind is the long-term relationships we've built with major broadcasters. And it's true that we've long been known for design and manufacturing of complete high-power systems, from transmitter output to tower top. But we understand the needs of low-power operators as well. Whether it's a local public station or a need for a translator to extend your reach, the Dielectric Powerlite™ series provides a high-performance solution that also fits smaller budgets. From low power to high power, whether it's TV, HD, FM, with Dielectric products and technical support, you can be sure your needs are covered.