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Florical Systems

Florical is the leader in television automation solutions providing the latest advances in automation technology such as off-the-shelf station-in-a-box video server technology, remote access of system control, automated reports for traffic and management, unique applications for centralizing operations and centrally managing content. The company’s extensive customer base includes high profile cable networks, network owned and operated stations, individual network affiliate stations, PBS stations and many more.

Florical pioneered ShareCasting since the first on-air deployment in 1995 where common programming with regional commercials and news provides market localization. Florical is again pioneering with HybridCasting where a station can run in Centralcasting mode, ShareCasting mode or as an Independent station dynamically throughout the day.

Florical is a division of RCS headed by President/CEO Philippe Generali. RCS is the world's leading provider of broadcast software, used by more than 9,000 radio stations, television stations, cable companies, satellite radio networks and Internet stations worldwide.

Ingest products include AssetCollector. It automates the acquisition of file-based delivered broadcast content, both syndicated programming and commercials. The Q is an asset management app.MediaFilter creates a drop-down list of "to be dubbed" material. ShowTimer, PathFire and/or FlipFactory interfaces add a "need to review" list in the MediaFiler drop-down list. MediaTimer creates and records segment times. OrderEntry is a Traffic System for ShowTimer’s scheduled acquisition. SatCom provides monitoring at one location. ShuttleJog is used for ingest and ShowTimer manages satellite feeds by controlling dishes, receivers and routers.

On Air products include Acuitas server technology, AirBoss and AirBoss Editor to convert the traffic log into an editable automation schedule. AutoJIP can be used to join a program in progress. ParkingSpot allows the user to drag and drop commercial content as needed during live news or sports programming. Florical's Quick Reaction Control Panel (QRCP) for AirBoss TV Automation Systems, provides hands on operator control for the AirBoss on-air presentation system. SMART Central allows the user to perform many functions from any networked workstation with secure access. Florical's Supervisory Monitor displays multiple channels on a single computer screen including channel status indicators and color coded warnings. TimeShifter can time shift the following program to play from the beginning and automatically join in progress the following syndicated show.

Asset Management is provided several products. AirGuide uses ATSC PMCP protocol to send event data to produce an Electronic Program Guide and is constantly updated from the Florical broadcast automation system. Asset Dispatcher is a transfer agent that uses regional dub-lists and programming settings to push commercial and program material from a centralized ingest location to regional sites after material has been approved. MediaMaster is the most effective way to manage your assets for television automation of single channel, multi-channel and ShareCasting systems.

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