Skyline Communications

Skyline Communication's key product, DataMiner, is a network management platform used in the broadcast, satellite distribution, IPTV and HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial) broadband sectors to integrate different technical departments in the production and delivery chain.

Skyline Communications is an independent Belgian developer based in Izegem in the West Flanders province of the country. It was listed as one of the top 50 entrepreneurs in Belgium for 2013 by business newspaper De Tijd and employs over 100 people, with more than 400 customers in 85-plus countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1985 by current managing director Leo Vangdenberghe, who previously worked as a design engineer for Barco starting in the early 1970s. Skyline Communications moved into the area of network management in the mid-90s and then software production in 2000.

DataMiner 2.0 was launched a year later and program upgrades have appeared regularly since then, most recently in 2013 with version 8.0. DataMiner consists of three layers: the device layer, which allows any type of third party device to be monitored and controlled regardless of interfaces or protocols; the service layer, which identifies any services involved in the process by crossing vendor and technology barriers; and the business layer, which tracks what services are available and confirms service level agreement (SLA) compliance, all in real-time. An important element in this is DataMiner Business Intelligence (DMS-BI), an open architecture system that is able to integrate with DataMiner features including reporting, dashboards, notification, correlation and mobile access. Users of the system include ABC, Airtel, Arqiva, Beijing Radio and TV, BH Telecom, Canal+, the EBU, GlobeCast, HBO, RBTF, Teracom and Videohouse.

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