Venera Technologies Partners With SDVI For Cloud-native QC Service Integration

Venera Technologies has teamed up with SDVI for the integration of its cloud-native QC service, Quasar, with SDVI’s renowned Rally cloud-based media supply chain management platform.

Quasar is the first cloud-native QC service in the market that has passed AWS stringent architecture and security guidelines and provides dynamic scalability, high level of security, and extensive QC capabilities. The Quasar solution incorporates advanced features like QC of 4K/UHD content, IMF packages, HDR (Dolby Vision), Slate detection, Harding PSE validation, and Reference-based QC. The advanced video and audio validation features along with a long list of pre-configured and ready-to-use QC templates has made it a favorite tool amongst media companies worldwide.

SDVI’s well-known Rally platform is an industry leading media supply chain solution deployed by many media organizations worldwide, helping them take advantage of cloud-based processing for the complete workflow from ingest through processing, packaging, distribution and archiving.

“SDVI’s worldwide customers can now take advantage of all the great features of our Quasar cloud-native QC service through seamless integration with the Rally platform. We are excited about our collaboration with the great team from SDVI.”, said Fereidoon Khosravi, Chief Business Development Officer at Venera Technologies.

“The Rally platform was architected to enable operators to use the best tools for every step of their media supply chains,”, said Andy Brinck, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for SDVI. “With the addition of the cloud-native Quasar QC service, our customers have yet another world-class solution to utilize for ensuring the highest quality content processing and delivery.”

As the migration of media content processing to the cloud continues and accelerates, Rally provides a feature-rich environment for media companies to manage their content and the processing required to prepare that content for distribution. And with seamless integration of Quasar, customers can ensure the quality of their cloud-based content and its adherence to specifications for any delivery platform. 

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