Lynx Technik

Lynx Technik

We are an independent, privately owned technology provider of modular interface solutions for broadcast and professional use. 

LYNX Technik AG headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities are based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, USA (California), and Asia (Singapore).

greenMachine® The greenMachine approach is unique. The hardware itself is a powerful general purpose audio and video processing appliance that can perform many different functions using one of the available greenMachine configurations (constellations), i.e. FS, UPXD, HDR<>SDR etc. The user can select and licence just the constellation, or multiple constellations required and can switch between these licenced constellations at any time. Licences for additional constellations may be purchased at any time in the future and they may also be swapped between greenMachines as productions demand. All constellations are pre-installed, so un-licensed constellations can be deployed for testing and proof of system concept but will show watermarks at the outputs.

yellobrik® is a compact, stand alone, and cost-effective “brick-style” 3G and fiber family of modules that are extremely easy to use including: 4K fiber transmission solutions, SDI to HDMI & HDMI to SDI converters, sync pulse generators, distribution amplifiers, audio embedders / deembedders, frame synchronizers, and a large range of accessories. yellobrik also includes MADI fiber converters, point to point fiber solutions, as well as Ethernet to fiber, RS232/422/485 serial and GPI fiber and passive optical splitters / combiners. 

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Why A yellobrik Isn’t Just A Brick

There can be no doubt that the humble ‘throw down’ brick as our American friends would call them, (although we don’t recommend throwing equipment around) has played a vital role in broadcast systems for many years. Originally conceived as economical and convenient ‘glue’ to add some basic stand-alone functionality and fiber

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