Envoi Partners With Cinedeck For Cloud Live Broadcast

Envoi and Cinedeck are collaborating to deliver cloud recording and distribution systems for remote broadcast.

This will provide content creators with a cloud-based system for ingesting, routing and recording 4K Apple ProRes or XDCAM into live editing, visual effects, and live streaming distribution workflows. By freeing up workflows accessed by editorial teams remotely, less resources and people are required on site, the objective is that streams can be uploaded faster without sacrificing quality or the editorial experience.

The aim is to capture and record video in the cloud as efficiently as possible with Cinedeck’s Capture2Cloud and then distribute the content from there using technology from Envoi, a California based developer of cloud-based content management, distribution, and monetization technology.

The system was used by the US Revolt youth culture group to live stream the REVOLT Summit which took place on Nov. 11 - Nov. 13, aiming to “inspire, educate and empower the Black leaders of tomorrow as they chase their dreams to the top.” It featured panels, competitions, workshops, and performances involving some big names in entertainment. As Dave Seedall, SVP Technology and Broadcast Operations at Revolt Media, commented: “Envoi and Cinedeck have provided us with a seamless method to migrate all of our legacy operations from on-premise into the cloud for live streaming.”

Envoi then provides the video management and distribution systems, capable of reaching many OTT video platforms and social channels in the correct format.

Then Cinedeck, a New York based vendor of workflow software including insert-edit technology, provided its Capture2Cloud package for multi-camera recording of edit-ready media, including ProRes, XDCAM and DNxHR formats, directly to the cloud. Capture2Cloud also encodes edit-while-capture formats for Premiere and Resolve, enabling the recorded media to be stored directly onto both MAM and cloud-based packages.

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