Cinedeck, developer of cineXtools and the cineXinsert engine, manufactures innovative multi-channel/multi-codec recorders and deliverable master-file management software for all video production environments.

Cinedeck recorder/players are used as stand-alone appliances for OB and other mobile requirements while direct SAN or NAS access and API connectivity allows them to be fully integrated as the heart for permanent facilities.

Cinedeck’s revolutionary multi-codec, file-based insert editing, available as software in cineXtools and included in all Cinedeck hardware systems, returns capabilities originally available with linear tape, lost as files became the standard for recording, editing and distribution.

With cineXtools, the file-to-file editing application, it’s easy to overwrite video, audio and CC changes into master files instead of completely re-exporting. cineXtools supports audio versioning and WAVE files, includes full DPP metadata editing and allows multi-clip batch inserts. New for cineXtools is a full API, a closed caption creation and management module and enhanced DPP file support for archive content and programs recorded live.

Cinedeck ZX and RX are multi-channel, multi-codec, multi-format, video recording and playback systems, supporting insert edit and features such as simultaneous master and proxy recording, redundant, multi-destination file writes to SSD, SAN, NAS and more. ZX is a two, four or eight channel server-based workhorse that includes 4K while RX is lightweight with a small footprint to fit environments where cost, weight and space are concerns. All Cinedecks include a broad codec selection; ProRes, DNx, XDCAM HD and others. Wrappers include MOV, MXF Op1A and OpAtom, MP4 and AVI. Recently released is the ability to create and edit files that adhere to the DPP specification while remaining agile for live recording and archive tasks.

Cinedeck’s systems always match production environments and workflows perfectly, manipulating native files in the required formats, directly on the desired storage destinations, now and in the future.