DPA Microphones

Originally known as Danish Pro Audio, this company was established in 1992 to market the studio, presentation and live sound microphones developed and manufacture red by acoustics and test and measurement specialist, Brüel & Kjær.

When studio engineers began using its measuring mics for recording music B&K designed a range specifically for the job, the Series 4000. This is still a major part of DPA's product portfolio, although it is now under the d:dicate brand name, as are more recent mics.

The current Series 4000 family includes the 4003 and 4006A omnis, the 4004 reference mic with its distinctive drumstick shape, the 4006C compact omni, the 4041-S large diaphragm solid state model and the 4011A cardioid. In recent years DPA has become equally, if not more, well known for its miniature microphones, which are used widely in TV and corporate presentation. These include the d:dictate 2006E and 2011E twin diaphragm omnis with active cables, the 4011E cardioid, the 4015E wide cardioid and the 4018E super-cardioid. This miniaturisation technology, with tiny, almost bud-like capsules, has led to a specific range of headsets that are used as much in live sound as they are in broadcast.

The d:fine series includes a range of mini-boom mics that are designed to be discreet and handle either speech or singing. The d:fine 88 is a dual-ear directional headset that, like others in the range, comes in a range of colours, from black to beige, brown and lime green. It has been ergonomically designed to fit the head and has a cardioid pick-up pattern. The 4088 is also a directional dual-ear model and features a pressure gradient transducer, making it suitable for situations where background noise or feedback are considerations. Other mini-booms include the d:fine 66 and 88 single-ear omni-directional headsets.