Ultra slow-motion footage is a vital part of sports TV coverage and Belgian company I-MOVIX has established itself in recent years as a leading manufacturer in the specialist field of high-speed camera technology to deliver this.

The company has built up from its original product, the Sprint Cam, to offer a range of camera systems and supporting control and processing equipment to produce accurate super slo-mo pictures. The X10 UHD is claimed to be the market's first 4k ultra-slo-mo system that offers both continuous Super Slow Motion (SSM) and Ultra Slow Motion (USM) at up to 1,000 frames per second.

The X10 is based on core X10 ultra-motion technology and, like other I-MOVIX systems, works in conjunction with the Vision Research Phantom Flex4k camera. The X10 SSM was developed with EVS and can be used as a conventional HD broadcast camera while at the same time having the capability to record at 300fps in 1080i or 600fps in 720p. The X10 USM is aimed at sports coverage where very high frame rates are need to produce ultra slo-mo pictures. It can produce 2,600fps working in 1080i and up to 5,600fps for 720p transmissions. It gives instant replays in native HD resolution and features a dual output for live and replay feeds. The modular X10 Spine was developed to allow the Phantom camera to be independent of the main I-MOVIX broadcast set-up, while the X10 Multi delivers the same image capability as other products in the range together with the ability to run up to three camera heads using six camera-channels. D-flicker is a real-time processor to reduce the amount of picture flicker in a frame.