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SMT Streaming Media Technologies

SMT Streaming Media Technologies GmbH provides live stream studio for professionals. The company offers make.tv, a virtual live broadcast vehicle that delivers studio, player, and broadcast technology for Web TV. Its products include Live on the Air that enables users to broadcast their own shows, conferences, and videos on the Web, mobile, and air; The make.tv Studio, a Web application that consists of a directing and editing station; Audience Interaction to enable audience to join in via chat in the make.tv player or via video conferencing; and Picture-in-Picture for combining multiple feeds into one scene to create an interview situation. The company’s products also comprise Audio and Sound Editing for combining various audio-visual sources to create audio tracks; Flash Elements and Overlays to integrate graphics in Flash format into the video-stream; real time filter effects; and Multi-Color-Keying that allows picture elements to be cut out and moved into or in front of another video. It offers solutions to stream conventions and conferences, seminars and lectures, concerts and performances, and sports events, as well as talk, quiz, and call-in shows; and individual solutions. The company is based in Cologne, Germany.