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Xylostream Technology Ltd

As you would expect, processing the 10x higher data rates in Ultra HD brings out some enormous technical challenges. Here at Xylostream, where we have been focused on Ultra HD since inception, we believe these challenges will only be overcome by applying the best combination of hardware and software technologies, by the best people to do the job. That’s why we have focused on bringing together the right mix of software, hardware and algorithm specialists.

The company was established in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2013 by broadcast industry professionals with broad experience in R&D, product development, marketing, sales and delivery across a wide range of businesses, including the compression space. The company is based at the Southampton University Science Park.

Xylostream is committed to ensuring that Ultra HD is a stunning consumer experience that becomes a must have service for all leading broadcasters. In short, delivering Ultra HD as it’s meant to be.