Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT)

Perfect sound thanks to digital radio signals; high-definitionvideo transmissions via IT networks; internet content on TV screens ... Munich’s IRT (Broadcast Technology Institute) develops cutting-edge media and communication technologies. IRT is the primary research institute for public-broadcasting organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our institute finds innovative and real-worldsolutions which enhance the quality of radio, television and new media for the benefit of users.

The Institut für Rundfunktechnik has been committed to preserving broadcasting in Germany and abroad. This commitment also extends to new markets and modern requirements – now and in the future. IRT’s extensive experience enables it to provide its associates and clients with reliable and knowledgeable service every step of the way, from the development of new broadcasting/media technologies to their implementation.

Its associates are the following public broadcasters: ARD, ZDF, DRadio, ORF and SRG/SSR. In addition, the institute collaborates not only with numerous clients in the broadcasting, media, communications-engineering and IT sectors, but also with various research organizations and institutions of higher education.