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HeliVideo Productions

HeliVideo has a well established reputation within the TV / Film community as the premier source of high quality RC aerials.

Long before the explosion of drone technology, HeliVideo was on the front lines of innovation. Our team was one of a handful of visionary professionals who paved the way for what has recently become a revolutionary industry.

By being on the leading edge of advances in technology, HeliVideo has been able to create an unrivaled reputation for excellence. In years past, high quality cameras were large and unwieldy, while remote-controlled helicopters could be dangerous and difficult to operate. In time though, high res cameras got smaller, and the opportunity to pair them with RC helicopters grew by leaps and bounds. HeliVideo was one of the first to successfully use RC helis for quality filming and has been working to perfect the partnering of those two technologies ever since.

We’ve been privileged to capture footage from all over the world for some of the biggest names in television and film, and yet we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what this technology can do.