AKA Design

AKA Design is a privately held limited company specialising in the design and manufacture of studio interiors, stylish technical furniture and related services for the audio and TV industries.

AKA have a state of the art design and production facility in central London enabling total control of the entire design and manufacturing process. We work closely with all the professionals that are involved in the process of building or refurbishing a facility and are able to integrate their input into an existing project co-operating with wiremen, acoustic engineers and architects.

As well as creating one-off Custom designed furniture and interiors AKA also have an Off-the-shelf product range of desks. The AKAProduct range comprises of Audio desks, which house most leading Audio brands, off-line and on-line editing desks and voice over tables.

With this range, AKA can supply a full technical furniture package including; control room furniture, composing furniture, radio desks, editing and voice over desks.

We offer a free design service so you can send us a floor plan of your studio and will fit the system in to the space. The design team are always on hand to discuss your individual requirements and can always offer a "Hybrid" solution combining AKAProduct with AKACustom to meet your exact requirements