Fast Forward Video

Fast Forward Video has been delivering superior image quality in user-friendly designs for almost 30 years. Our products have evolved to serve an extensive range of markets which include some of the most demanding broadcasters, A/V professionals, law enforcement agencies, and a host of other users.

Using Motion JPEG, JPEG2000 or ProRes compression to produce high quality digital video images, FFV digital video recorders feature discrete access to each and every frame, easy-to-use control interfaces, accurate dynamic tracking and patented single frame cue latency.

Board-level digital video recorders from FFV deliver the highest image quality for industrial applications with compact designs, high-performance, quick and easy integration, as well as the ruggedness needed for use in challenging environments. The Recon 4 and QHD boards provide the tools and flexibility for the most demanding OEM applications.

FFV product lines include HD Video Recorders, SD Video Recorders and OEM Video Recorders. The Omega HD Field PRO Video Recorder is a rugged file-based J2K Field Recorder/Player that simplifies the transition from traditional tape decks to file-based workflows. Omega HD is a studio version, as is Micron HD, a J2K recorder that also records and plays critical ancillary data such as CC709 closed captioning.

The company also makes rugged LED Lights for camcorders and DSLRs. The new VLite Pro outputs an intense (560 Lux at 3 feet) and highly accurate variable spectrum (3200-5600K) light with an exceptionally high Color Rendering Index (97 Ra at 3200K).