When Electo-Voice incorporated in 1930, founders Lou Burroughs and Al Kahn produced about one microphone a week. Today, headquartered in Burnsville, MN, Electro-Voice is a leader in many audio industry disciplines.

Electrovoice makes wired and wireless microphones. Wired broadcast microphones include the classic handheld 635A and the 635N/D-B, which has the same “hammer-like” toughness and classic performance and reputation as the 635A with the added benefit of increased output from its neodymium magnet structure. The RE16 Dynamic Supercardioid. EV’s Trademarked Variable-D maintains frequency response regardless of directionality. The RE20 is a Broadcast Annoucer mic with Variable-D. The RE27N/D is a high-performance, neodymium-equipped industry-standard broadcast microphone.

The RE50B is the industry standard for handheld interview mics. The RE50N/D-B delivers all of the outstanding performance of the industry-standard RE50B with the added benefit of a high-output neodymium capsule magnet. A top choice in broadcast television production where the additional gain of a neodymium capsule is well-suited for particular camera or recording device inputs.The RE92L is a professional-quality miniature cardioid electret condenser lavalier microphone.

The Electro-Voice wireless microphone systems are very populay. The E-V R300 wireless system makes the benefits of professional wireless microphone performance less expensive. Features like one-touch ClearScan and EZsync transmitter update, give the R300 professional-class capabilities as easy to setup and use as any entry-level wireless microphone system.

The RE-2 takes frequency agility to a whole new level, and it ensures that your sound comes through without interference, drop-outs, or compromised audio quality. A third generation wireless system, the RE-2 is affordable, professional, and designed for those who are serious about their sound. RE-2 PRO is a mix of REV and RE-2 features.

The company makes audio amplifiers, digital signal processors such as NetMax sound system processors and IRIS-Net system monitoring and supervision. E-V also makes loudspeakers for touring/concerts, installed systems with horn-loaded, front-loaded and arrays, portable PA systems, and in-wall and surface-mount commercial speakers.