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EEG Enterprises

EEG offers the most complete line of solutions for closed captioning, quality control, affiliate communications, VANC monitoring, AFD and more.

The company’s 25+ years of experience in the fields of closed captioning and ancillary data distribution provides the most stable equipment base available. In addition, EEG’s continuing participation in various industry working groups allows us to incorporate and maintain the latest advances in HD workflow technology throughout our product line.

HDTV Captioning products include the FilePro CC Live, HD490, iCap System, iCap VC, DE285 HD Caption Decoder/VANC Monitor, CB512 HD Captioning Legalizer/Relocating Bridge, CCRecord, EN537 HDTV Smart Encoder IV HD/SD Closed Caption Encoder and the 1430 HD Encoder card which brings the functionality of EEG’s industry-standard HD490 Smart Encoder to openGear users. Several complimentary EEG cards are also openGear ready.

HD VANC systems include the HD490 Smart Encoder V , DE285 HD Caption Decoder / VANC Monitor, SCTE-104 Suite for messaging, the 1450 AFT Format Guard Card, a Network Alert System and XDS Express. XDS (Extended Data Services) is a supplementary data stream existing in Line 21 Field 2. It is used to provide additional data on the program being aired, i.e. Program Name, Program Rating (V-Chip).

A number of file-based and linear SDI Post-Production tools are also available that perform similar functions in post, steaming and Broadcast CC repurposing.

We are extremely proud that a growing number of EEG products are Eco Friendly, and that EEG products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Equipment is available for purchase or rental.