Since its introduction, the Cineflex camera system has set a new standard in digital cinema.We integrate best-in-class cameras and lenses with our gyro-stabilized gimbal assembly to provide exceptional range-performance and unmatched stability. Our 5-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal assembly delivers the stability and precision that directors and cinematographers rely on.

Originally designed for helicopters and aerial platforms, Cineflex cameras have shown an amazing versatility and have been integrated onto cable and rail systems, cars, trucks, boats, all terrain vehicles (ATV) and even snow mobiles.

The unmatched range-performance and exceptional stability of the Cineflex family of camera systems ensure accurate images and precision pointing in the air, at sea and on rough terrain. Whether flying to the top of Mt. Everest to cruising through the Grand Canyon, Cineflex camera systems offer the rugged reliability to perform in the harshest environments and ensure directors are limited only by their imagination.

Each Cineflex system weighs less than 100 pounds, allowing cinematographers to affordably transport the equipment as excess baggage on commercial flights. Once on location, a single person can easily rig a Cineflex camera system in under an hour.

This unrivaled capability provides directors, cinematographers and broadcast news stations with the ease-of-use and flexibility they need to get the breathtaking images that capture viewers' imaginations.

The Cineflex family of high-definition camera systems is delivered by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a provider of high-performance camera systems and components.

Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics' engineers, the growing family of Cineflex products is delivered by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies. With a decade of delivering the clarity filmmakers expect and the quality viewers demand, General Dynamics is committed to the growth and evolution of the Cineflex family of camera systems.