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CamMate Systems

Since 1987, CamMate Systems has been delivering the highest quality cranes for the film and video industry. Producers, Directors, and Directors of Photography all over the world have discovered the quality and versatility that our equipment has to offer. The company makes camera cranes, CamMate Crab and Roamer Dollies and a host of specialty devices and accessories for camera and lens support and remote operation.

CamMate has been involved with the jib/crane industry for over 25 years. We manufacture all of our cranes in our 10,000 square foot facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Many of the "new" companies produce their jibs in a garage and there is no quality control. You might be able to find a cheaper crane, but keep in mind that the quality, customer service and the longevity in the industry will not come close to a CamMate Crane.

CamMate customers can upgrade their Standard L Head electronics systems without having to buy a whole new system. With our factory trained electronics team, upgrades can be completed and returned to the customer in the same week, in most cases.

When you choose a CamMate System, you will get a finely crafted product, made with top of the line materials such as aircraft aluminum, and superior customer service. We don't outsource to China and we manufacture our products in the United States.