DELEC Audio and Videotechnik

Delec specialises in intercom, commentary and audio networking systems for large-scale broadcast productions. The company was acquired by Riedel in 2016.

DELEC's oratis intercom is based on FPGA (field-programmable gate array) technology and can be can be used to create compact intercom systems featuring as few as eight ports to larger installations with more than 4000 ports, all of which are accessible simultaneously. The system employs the principle of distributed intelligence. This guarantees fast response times even on large systems, while ensuring confidence and security. Oratis is also able to work as a fully summing digital audio matrix. Features include: space-saving I/O with high density, scalable configuration, audio quality of 48kHz/24-bit, innovative subscriber panel design, convenient set-up, flexible redundancy, no single point of failure and networking over Ethernet.

DELEC also offers the oratis compact, a variation of the main intercom system that features a summing matrix and interfaces with Dante audio over IP networks. The oratis networked commentary system can be used for both small and large broadcasts, with commentator terminals connected directly to an audio router that also acts as an I/O matrix. The components are networked redundantly over standard Gigabit Ethernet cabling and can be integrated into an existing infrastructure on a managed network. Oratis allows networks with more than 350 commentator terminals to be set up, each accommodating up to three commentators. Features include: compliance with studio standards (24-bit/48kHz), Gigabit Ethernet capability, open, scalable configuration, connection to the audio infrastructure over MADI and AES3, analogue lines and compatibility with oratis and third party intercom systems.