Adrienne Electronics Corp.

Adrienne Electronics Corporation ("AEC") manufactures time code (LTC/VITC) reader/generator products for use with personal computers in PCIe (PCI Express), PCI, USB, and RS-232/422 serial bus formats. All of the LTC/VITC reader/generator products are capable of working with both the SMPTE / NTSC 30fps(drop and non-drop frame) and the EBU / PAL 25fps time code standards. Some also work with film (24fps) rate time code. Also, some of the multifunction models can translate time code from LTC to VITC and/or VITC to LTC.

Our product line consists of the PCIe-TC (PCIe-LTC, PCIe-VLTC), PCI-TC (PCI-LTC, PCI-VITC, PCI-VLTC, PCI-21, ...), USB-TC (USB-LTC, USB-21VL, USB-IRIG) and AEC-uBOX (-2) model families. Some of the most common uses for the our time code cards/devices are for off-line / on-line closed caption encoding systems, setting the computer clock to match the "master" time code signal, general computer software automation synchronization, and for automatic event triggering based on time code in character generator equipment. All of our products are supported with free technical support and a two year warranty.