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ACME Portable Machines, Inc.

ACME Portable Machines, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturing company that specializes in portable computers. We pride ourselves in creating graphic-intensive , high-performance, and unique portable workstations that are capable of overlaying professional graphics, video streaming, editing, transcoding, color grading, and more. They are tailored to your specific needs, and as a result, our computers are used widely used in a number of industries, including digital media and broadcasting, test and measurement, and government and military. Last year, ACME built the first ever rugged portable workstation with dual 4K displays. Currently, we provide high-performance 20G/40G network capture platforms. We strive to provide the solutions of tomorrow by combining the power and configurability of a desktop with the convenience and portability of a laptop. It is a powerful system that combines the best of both worlds – a solution that you can deploy at any location.