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Coolux Media Systems

Established in 2003 with the philosophy that multimedia design should not be limited in any creative sense, coolux Media Systems produces the Pandora's Box range of media and show controllers.

The Pandora's Box Server is seen as a link between projection and digital image compositing. It is a turnkey system that combines rendering with intuitive media and show control, offering real-time composting in 3D.

Pandora's Box Player is a lower cost software application delivering four video layers and unlimited graphic layers for DH/2k playback and non-linear timeline editing, with features including DMX512/Art-Net/MA-NET/SACN/CITP, Matrix DMX Pixel Mapping, Warping and Soft-edge Blending, MIDI/MIDI Show control MSC and LTC SMPTE timecode I/O. The Compact player is a hardware device that can playback two 1920x1080p streams at 25/30 frames per second. It has five USB ports (three 3.0, two 2.0), two video layers, unlimited graphics layers and includes an interactive web browser, with an option for control through Javascript.

The Pandora's Box Editor is designed for broadcast work as well as live events and installations. The software program combines non-linear editing and 3D compositing features and offers unlimited sequences and video and graphics layers. Running on a Dynamic Aeon FX engine it has support for Custom FX and Asio Audio, plus an integrated 3D FireFly particle system.