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Intel Sports is making a major investment in bringing Virtual Reality into your living room over the Internet

VR and AR Come to Sports June 8th 2018 - 11:00 AM

There have been increasing experiments with bringing sports action to the home in Virtual Reality 3D. Not only does this add an extra dimension to the excitement, but it highlights the battle between the internet and traditional OTA delivery of entertainment.

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played in Russia and include teams from 32 nations.

Fox Sports Posts the 2018 FIFA World Cup from L. A. June 6th 2018 - 12:05 PM

It’s estimated that well over three billion people will watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship on TV this year, with one billion predicted for the final match alone. FOX Sports, the sole English language broadcaster, wants to get this job done right-but also on budget.

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The AI technology will quickly recognize a specific person within the video frame and display their name for online viewers.

AWS Elemental To Help Sky’s Online Viewers Tell Who’s Who At Upcoming Royal Wedding May 15th 2018 - 11:00 AM

If you are a celebrity watcher, Sky News has the online artificial intelligence technology for you. The British broadcaster will use cloud-based machine learning technology from AWS Elemental to help viewers identify those in attendance at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor during its online coverage of the upcoming UK royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Current SeaChange products like NitroX are helping service providers increase revenue for their customizable multi-screen strategies.

SeaChange Rebranding Sharpens Focus On Personalization Pipeline May 14th 2018 - 01:50 PM

In an effort to attract subscribers, many of today’s most popular video service providers are now looking past simple online video streaming and towards creating a personalization pipeline to each individual user’s IP address. Certainly accommodating consumers that want to watch video whenever and wherever they want is important, but to generate recurring income, they have undertaken steps to create highly interactive and “authentic” sessions with users that these content providers can leverage in a number of ways.

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Among the new features of the Galaxy platform are the ability to leverage AI across the entire workflow and Cloud infrastructures.

Dalet Augments Game-To-Fans Workflows At SportsInnovation 2018 May 11th 2018 - 01:50 PM

Dalet spotlighted new features and functionality for its Galaxy five media asset management (MAM) and workflow orchestration platform at the SportsInnovation 2018 conference held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from May 8-9.

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The illusion of Reality that Brainstorm’s InfinitySet 3 can create is stunning in its authenticity.

Brainstorm Shows Off Vitual Sets and Social Media-Driven Graphics May 1st 2018 - 01:50 PM

Brainstorm brought its new InfinitySet 3 virtual studio system to the NAB Show 2018 creating Augmented Reality sets and its new OnMedia delivering social media-driven graphics that earned the crowds their exhibit attracted.

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